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Advanced Polymer Materials srl (APM), is a company founded in 2007 as spin-off initiative promoted by some researchers both of the National Research Council of Italy and of the University of Ferrara. Today, the University of Ferrara continues its participation in the company as a partner. The mission of Advanced Polymer Materials was initially linked to the exploitation of the results of basic research to the development of advanced polymer and providing the technology transfer, thus helping to enhance the technological know-how of Italian companies involved in high-tech fields.

Today, APM is a dynamic company able to apply  the main ASTM or ISO standards with thermal-mechanical, rheological and chemical-physical methods for the quality control of thermoplastic and thermoset industrial polymers.

In recent years, APM has successfully participated in some regional, national and European industrial research projects in cooperation with italian companies producing and processing polymer materials. APM has specialized their activities in the development and characterization methods of adhesives, paints and inks, thermal- and photo-curable monomers and polymers from renewable sources for applications in the flexible packaging.  APM  develops also for reactive extrusion of thermoplastic materials having in the molten state good adhesion properties for the applications with multilayer films and containers.


 With regional decree No. 1897_2015 dated nov, 24th 2015, APM ha joined the NETWORK of the HIGH TECHNOLOGY industrial RESEARCH LABS of the Emilia Romagna Region.

The High Technology Network of Emilia Romagna Region (HTN-ERR) :
a) consists of several industrial research laboratories and centers for innovation joined together with some regional academic institutions and public research centers to provide expertise, tools and resources to the production system.
b) is organized in six Platforms created to ensure that knowledge generated through research and transformed into technologies and processes providing marketable products and services for the enterprises
c) is coordinated by ASTER, a consortium among the Emilia Romagna Region, the Universities, public entities, such as national research council (CNR), ENEA, INFN and the regional system of Chambers of Commerce, which operate in partnership with business associations.

APM participates in the Platform Energy Environment of HTN-ERR that:
d) has as stakeholders: i) authorities for monitoring and protecting the environment, ii) companies involved in the green economy and in the process of the clean energy production interested in minimizing their environmental impact.
e) has as mission : iii) sustainability of the production system and environmental monitoring, iv) the environmental quality control, v) the management of natural resources, vi) the development of systems using renewable energy sources, vii) the optimization both for utilisation and the recovery of energy and materials derived from renewable resources.

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