Morphological analyses

Morphological analysis with stereomicroscope (code G.1_MO)

Morphological analysis of fracture surfaces of thermoplastic, thermosetting polymer and polymer -matrix composite with stereomicroscope with image capture s and image processing facilitie. Dimensional analysis of the domains present with both polarized light and temperature (30 ° to 200 ° C).

Morphological analysis with electronic scanning microscopy (code G.2_ME)

Morphological analysis with scanning electron microscopy (SEM) of fracture surfaces of thermoplastic polymer, thermoset and polymer-matrix composite. Dimensional analysis according to sample composition.

Elemental analysis with EDS probe on fracture surfaces (code G.3_eds)

Elemental analysis with EDS probe of fracture surfaces of polymers, composites and organic compounds. In the case of filled polymers or composites, it is possible to determine the composition of the inorganic fraction (ash) separated by thermogravimetric (TGA) analysis. Metal content as % by wt can be observed in different sample locations (mapping analysis).

Determination of carbon black dispersion (code G.4_nf)

Determination of carbon black dispersion using imaging microscope on surfaces obtained with pellets, finished products, such as tubes, fittings and tapes (ISO 18553-2002).

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