Ethycal code

Along with the general principles of respect for laws, transparency, honesty, fairness and good faith, the Code of Ethics puts the focus on sustainable development, including the responsibility of the enterprise towards the territories in which it operates, safeguarding Of Third Generation Rights and the Defense and Promotion of Human Rights:
The general principles are different from the various types of customers, suppliers and collaborators. In particular, the following are taken into account:

I) relationship with the market: APM Srl's commitment is to pursue the principles of market fairness, corporate information and media relations, which must be based on transparency and fairness.
(Ii) Relations with local institutions and communities: APM has a commitment to active co-operation with public institutions and local communities, including through information and sharing on topics of their greatest interest, with support for non-core activities Profit.
(Iii) customer relations: APM is committed to respecting the right not to receive harmful health products and to receive complete information about the products offered.
In particular, APM is committed to enhancing the development and the protection of people in respect of diversity, so that the workplace is increasingly an environment of mutual respect and collaboration. Therefore, all standards of conduct are ensured by an internal control system to avoid and in any case report conflicts of interest, the protection of health, safety, the environment, public safety and the promotion of industrial research and Innovation in the protection of intellectual property.
With regard to controls, it is expected that the role of a guarantor of the Code of Ethics which is entrusted to the chairman of the board of directors, who in his opinion may nominate at least one unit of staff to favor its wider diffusion outside and all 'Internal APM.

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