Our Products

APM has developed various types of blends, which, depending on their use, can be applied as adhesives and varnishes.

Most of these blends find applications as photo- and thermo-initiated and hot-melts.

APM also produces thermoplastic polymer blends from renewable sources, developed for replacing the conventional polymers for the flexible packaging industry.

Recently, APM has begun industrial production of bioplastics extruded nets, using the results obtained in the European Life BiMOP project ( for modification of bioplastics in the melt state. The used production process allows to obtain coils of extruded tubular nets ranging from 7 to 9 g/m and lengths of 1000 m with the dimensions required by the packaging machines. During the packaging, the net is thermally welded to the lower and upper ends, to apply a biodegradable label.

APM owns the know-how for the production of extruded nets with the Bionet brand, but has assigned  the promotion and marketing to 
Bio-Pro Srl (Bologna) with the trademark 'Bio-Net'. 

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