APM awarded at Ecomondo edition 2017

 APM is among the awarded 10 Italian companies for its Green Economy!

Every year, the Sustainable Development Foundation gives a prize those companies that have been able to combine environmental quality and industrial competitiveness. The prize-giving ceremony, organized from the Sustainable Development Foundation and Ecomondo held in Rimini on November 9th at the Ecomondo 2017 Fair (Rimini-Italy), to give a Medal of the President of the Republic to the awarded companies.

Edo Ronchi, President of the Foundation for Sustainable Development, said that up to date more than 1,300 large, medium and small companies have participated to this award. This wide participation demonstrates that it is possible to do business by combining social and environmental goals. Infact, the motivation of the foundation is to reward companies, which with their activities produce significant environmental and innovative benefits giving also important effects in economy and employment.

In recent years, green economy has become a 'driver' for developing industrial activities with the respect both human health and the environment. In fact, the annual report on the state of the environment, presented at Ecomondo on the occasion of the General States of Green Economy States 2017, states that not only companies are in favor of this choice of environmental sustainability, but there is also a high consensus in the population for the initiatives promoted for the realization of green economy !

The fondation gave the prize to APM for its activities on the production for biodegradable and compostable extruded nets (commercially available with the trade name BioNet) for applications in flexible packaging used for mussels, vegetables and fruit. The extruded BioNet (see figure) is available in 1000 mt coils with variable weights ranging from 7 to 10 g/m. APM thanks to support of European LIFE project BiMoP (life2012/ENV/it/600/ (see begun in  2013 its activities on the green economy to develop polymers and monomers derived from renewable resources for replacing with those obtained from fossil ones.

On 9-10 June APM will be at R2B in Bologna Fiere

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