Spectroscopic Analyses

FTIR spectra and FT-NIR (cod. A.1)



FTIR spectra recorded in transmission mode both in the medium (400-4000 cm-1) and the near infrared (4000-6400 cm-1) ranges of polymer films, liquids (i.e. monomers and oligomers), solids (on KBr disk) and gases at room temperature by using Agilent Cary 660 FTIR spectrometer having a maximum resolution of 0.5 cm-1. The quantitative analyses are carried out by using specific softwares in combination with some pure compounds used as reference materials.

FTIR spectra and diffuse reflectance attenuated (cod. A.2)



A) Measurements of attenuated reflectance FTIR spectra (FTIR-ATR) with:

i) multiple reflections at fixed (45°) and variable angles (i.e. 30°-75°) with zinc selenide (ZnSe) and germanium (Ge) crystals, respectively.

ii) a single reflection by diamond crystal cell at fixed angle (45°)



B) Measurements of Diffuse Reflectance Infrared Fourier Transform Spectra(DRIFT) for:

iii) powder samples dispersed in KBr

iv) glassy solids by using abrasive discs

FTIR spectra in specular reflectance (cod. A.3)


Measurements of FTIR spectra in specular reflectance (FT-IRAS) on metal surfaces with variable angle ranging between 30° and 80°.

These measurements can be also obtained by using polarized light (0° and 90°) to determine the orientation of the functional groups on the specular surface.

Polymerization kinetics (cod. A.4)

Kinetic measurements of thermo-initiated polymerization reactions in a temperature range varying from 40° to 150°C by using real time FTIR and FT-NIR spectroscopies in combination with a temperature controlled transmission cell.

Kinetics measurements of photo-initiated polymerization reactions in a temperature range varying from 40° to 100°C by using real time FTIR and FT-NIR spectroscopies with a spectrometer equipped with lamp and fiber bundle emitting UV light on the liquid sample.

The tridimensional spectra can be obtained by specific softwares.

Other spectroscopic measurements (cod. A.5)

On request it is possible to obtain other spectroscopic measurements with Raman spectroscopy, fluorescence and UV-Vis absorption.

Please, send specific request by filling out the contact form.

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