Intellectual Property Defense

In order for APM to carry out the activities on behalf of the Customer and to guarantee its intellectual property, the Client must expressly accept all terms and conditions of the research contract, including any modification, supplement, specific or other document.
Except as otherwise agreed in writing, all information provided by the Client, including, but not limited to, information, data, equipment, materials, drawings, software, know-how, documents, trademarks, copyrights, equipment or materials, their spare parts or materials However connected, will and will remain the property of the Client. Such material, even individually, wherever possible, must be adequately identified by APM as material owned by the Customer and must be kept separate from the APM property. In addition, APM undertakes to comply with the following management and retention requirements:
(I) APM will exclusively use the Client's property to comply with the research contract itself and may not make use of it differently.
(Ii) The information contained in drawings, technical notes, software, know-how or other information provided by the Customer will be granted to the APM in a free use fee for the sole purpose of fulfilling the research contract. This right of use is not transferable and the Client may terminate it at its sole discretion at any time, subject to modification of the terms of the research contract.
(Iii) The Purchaser shall acquire any right regarding ideas, inventions, works, strategies, plans and data created by APM in executing or otherwise resulting from the execution of this Agreement, including patents, copyrights, rights to confidential information, On databases, trademarks and other similar rights.
(Iv) Intellectual property obtained in carrying out research and development activities falls within the scope of copyright protection and will be regarded as an industrial invention made in the performance or performance of a contract where the activity Inventive is foreseen as the object of the contract and for this purpose paid, according to and for the effect of the provision of art. 64, Dlg. No. 30/2005, whereby the rights deriving from the invention itself belong to the Client, save the lawfulness of the inventor (APM) to be recognized as author.
V) However, APM undertakes to assign to the Client the status of holder of the rights deriving from the invention in accordance with the applicable intellectual property law.
(Vi) APM acknowledges that, unless otherwise agreed between the parties, intellectual property rights will remain the property of the Customer, provided that any changes or improvements to technological innovation are not legally acquired by third parties.
APM will keep confidential and confidential all the technical, procedural or economic information contained in the Technical Report provided to the Client in connection with the Research Agreement and shall not in any way disclose the Confidential Information to third parties, unless the Customer authorizes it in writing. Any information, including notes, summaries, reports, analyzes or any other material prepared in any form, shall also be understood. APM undertakes to return all the Confidential Information it has acquired and to destroy its copies.
APM undertakes not to disclose or disclose to third parties any information regarding the existing research contract between the Parties, unless express written written permission is given by the Client. Restrictions on the disclosure of Confidential Information are not applicable where such information is or becomes public regardless of communications between the Parties.

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